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A Chicago based law firm is seeking a coach to work with a mid-career lawyer to build professionalism and civility skills. Participant is intelligent, hard-working, talented, and knowledgeable; however, like a lot of successful people, can react to situations with unprofessional behavior such as crude language, raising of his voice, or dismissive comments. 




Over ten years coaching mid-level and senior executives

2.      Certification in three or more emotional intelligence or related tools

.         Law firm experience a plus



Expected coaching tasks should, at a minimum, include:

  • Examination of how success on the job often conflicts with positive working relationships
  • Personal assessment of relationship items; strengths, limitations, areas that require attention or correction
  • Assessment of areas that trigger undesirable behavior such as emails or abrasive behaviors
  • Review of outcomes of undesirable behavior, such as contact avoidance, reputation, others taking another route, break room discussions, etc.
  • Review of emotional intelligence (subject has former training on the topic – so it’s not new to him)
  • Identification of the term “civility” in the workplace – what it means and how to achieve it
  • Action plan with measurable outcomes


Send one page proposal with your qualifications, scope of services and fees to www.admin@odnchicago.org. by 5/23/17.





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