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  • About the ODNC | ODN Chicago

    Established in 1975, our mission is to advance the principles, practice and profession of organization development. Join us!

    Our monthly programs are intended to be interactive, highly participatory and supportive of building an effective OD community in the greater Chicago area. If you attend one of our program events, expect to be challenged, stimulated, and energized by both content and people.

    Monthly program events are held on the second Thursday of each month.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have held our monthly programs virtually online. Continue exploring this website to learn more about our future events.


    OD Network of Chicago exists to advance the principles, practice and profession of organization development.


    OD Network of Chicago fulfills this vision by:

    providing continuing education on OD and related topics
    modeling effective leadership and stewardship, and
    connecting with relevant academic and professional communities in Chicago.


    OD Network of Chicago values relationships that demonstrate…

    • respect for diversity and inclusion, both at a local and global level
    • authenticity and self-awareness
    • democracy and participation
    • real-time collaboration, and
    • person-to-person connections.

    OD Network of Chicago values OD practices that result in…

    • deep and transformative learning
    • new models of change and development
    • experimentation and competency development
    • creation of effective and healthy organizations, and
    • rigorous and relevant outcomes.


    Looking to get involved and make meaningful connections within our Chicago OD community? Want to contribute your leadership skills to your community of practice? Join an exceptional group of OD leaders who are transforming the ODN Chicago. As a part of our Network, your unique talents and passion will  contribute to programs and experiences that empower our members to become the masters of their lifelong careers. Join us as a volunteer; meet dynamic challenges, explore exciting opportunities and collaborate with others.

    We are always looking for volunteers to

    • Lead and facilitate monthly programs
    • Assist with monthly programs by working with program facilitators to ensure our offerings are true to OD values and highly interactive
    • Build our online presence through this website and various social media

    Put your organizing and facilitating skills to good use, Interested?  Email us at admin@odnchicago.org