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Chicago School of Professional Psychology
325 N Wells
Rooms 407/412
Chicago, IL 60654

The Next Organizational Wave: The Self Actualized Team Culture, An ISO Process Designed Small Group Approach to Create Happier, More Connected and Engaged Cultures - one team at a time

Thursday, Mar 9th 2017

It may seem unlikely that there could be anything new to learn about what makes teams effective, but there is. More than ever before, most work gets done in teams and an organization's ability to create and sustain self managed actualized teams is the next wave of organizational culture, Frederic LalouxReinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness (Nelson Parker, 2014).

Every team is a unique social unit, with common social and psychological needs.  The quality of members’ social interactions —both intra-team and inter-team — determines organizational, project or leadership success. How do you create a process where each member of a group feels connected, beyond empowered and meaningful while also developing those emotional intelligence habits that every employer wants?

The two top derailers of teams are trust and vulnerability, according to Patrick Lencioni, Five Dysfunctions of Teams. During this program you will learn about the ten years of research conducted by The Liautaud Institute, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) that will detail the communication protocol and EI based exercises that increase ”trusted vulnerability”.  First we’ll explore and learn how to activate the four regions of the “brain" to bring your whole self to work, why most training fails to achieve lasting permanent behavior change, the three “R’s” to create emotional intelligence habits, and the neuroscience that supports a team’s biogenetic need to feel emotionally connected, beyond empowered and meaningful.  Attendees will be invited to participate in exercises to experience a process driven approach specific to vulnerability based trust, mindful listening, gratitude, and how to meet the most interesting person in the room.



Facilitator(s):  Cynthia Kivland, Chief Solutions Officer, and Joe Balistreri (CEO) are from theLiautaud Institute, University of Illinois Chicago.   The Liautaud Institute is an use inspired positive change research institute committed to create happier, more innovative and effective workplaces. The Liautaud Institute's research led to the development of self managed deeply connected forum-like small-groups of leaders and their teams, both inside and outside the organization.   The learned processes and habits create a culture of membership, empowerment and meaning, breaking down barriers and shifting cultures to a more collaborative environment where they are creating innovative and customized solutions to improve their job, company and personal life.

Cynthia has over 30 years as a Board Certified Coach, MCC, Organizational Development consultant and recently an international expert on integrating neuroscience into leadership and group development learning design with an empathize on developing  emotional intelligence habits that make others feel great about themselves AND increases a leader's and the organization's social attractiveness.  Previously with CPP, and currently on the Leadership Faculty and Executive Coach for American College of Health Care Executives, Cynthia oversees certification and custom development solutions for the Liautaud Institute. Cynthia has multiple leadership, EQ, Culture and Assessment Cerifications and a Master Education, NIU and a BA U of I. She is on the Forbes Coaches Council, author of Smart2Smarter, and recently co-authored a chapter in the newly released boo, Emotions in Organizations, Emerald Publishing, 2016.

Joe has over ten years in organizational and leadership development, and has been with the Institute from it's inception.  As CEO, Joe leads a team of six self managed employees, oversees the Advisory Board, and has facilitated Leadership retreats for CEO'sYPO and the Family Research Business Council.  Joe will share his story of launching and participating in Executive EQForums for over ten years, along with a CEO Millennial perspective on the next wave on organizational culture that is self managed and why OD consultants need to pay attention.  Joe has authored numerous articles, is a sought after speaker and expert of ISO processes and communication protocols that create a culture of vulnerability based trust. Joe is a graduate of Purdue University.

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