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    • Organizational Design Challenge
      May 9, 2019
      9:00 am - 1:00 pm

    Organizational Design Challenge: A Gamified Experience

    A Special Event with Two of Our Sponsors

    Engage your playful side and use your organizational design skills in this interactive game experience. Palmer OSG and Human Synergistics invite you to play a game of design to experience the process of going through an organizational re-design. Using an in-depth case study and game board, you’ll work in teams to learn different ways of addressing real-life design challenges. A great opportunity for all levels of organizational designers!

    Presenters (ODN/C Sponsors)

    Alysun Johns, Director of Culture & Leadership, Human Synergistics

    Favorite Game? Yahtzee!

    Alysun supports the development of integrated solutions for clients and consulting partners and leads consulting and coaching services for individuals and organizations. Her focus and experience over the years has centered on organizing, planning, developing, and facilitating client projects and workshops throughout the US and globally.

    Roxanne Ray, Director of Professional Services, Human Synergistics

    Favorite Game? Sequence!

    Roxanne has recognized expertise in strategic program development and implementation, leadership development, and organizational/culture change, including a proven ability to work with cross-functional teams to build relationships and credibility across all levels of the organization.


    Kiersten Rippeteau, CODP, OD Business Consultant, Palmer OSG

    Favorite Game? Ticket to Ride!

    Kiersten helps shape organizations into environments where individuals, teams, processes, and goals are all aligned to make great things happen. Her diverse experience allows her to take a holistic approach to organizational challenges, allowing leaders and teams identify root causes and get to opportunities and solutions sooner. Kiersten is a Certified Organization Design Practitioner (CODP) and currently serves on the Organization Design Forum’s board of directors.

    NOTE:  This is a special, half-day workshop.  It will include a light breakfast at 8:15 am and lunch at noon.  The program will begin promptly at 9 am and end just before lunch.  For more information about logistics, contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C Administrator, at 312.730.0041 or admin@odnchicago.org.

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    • June 13, 2019
      5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
    Profile of Face with Swirls from Fractal Enlightenment

    The Use of Self and the Breath

    As consultants, we know that the models, tools and techniques that we employ are secondary to the primary instrument in our consulting engagements, that is, our Self. Most, if not all, MSOD graduate programs have a course entitled, “Use of Self” that speaks to this. But what does this really mean? How does this “Self” come to be developed?

    Join us for an experiential evening to inquire into these questions and to have a breath experience designed to connect you more deeply to your Self.


    Alan Niebanck

    Alan graduated from Tufts University in 1971 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He worked his entire career at Armstrong World Industries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in various technical management roles in R&D and manufacturing. Alan came to OD beginning with his bottom-up implementation of a largely self-directed work team in the laboratory he managed. Such efforts were encouraged since Armstrong was committed to company-wide Total Quality, in pursuit of the Baldridge National Quality Award — which it won in 1995. In this supportive atmosphere, Alan’s OD education over the last 15 years included numerous NTL labs in Bethel, Maine, Barry Oshry’s Power Lab, and the MSOD program at AU/NTL. Alan retired in from Armstrong in 2008 and is now involved with various business “hobbies.” Alan’s primary business “hobby” – actually a calling – is as a breath work facilitator. He is certified in Integral Breath Therapy, a developmental and healing modality that he has been involved in for 15 years. Alan facilitates breath work for individuals and groups.


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    • July 11, 2019
      5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

    ODN/C — Into the Future:  Happy Hour Annual Meeting

    Join us for our annual meeting where we’ll envision what ODN/C can be and dream up new possibilities for the future!  We will share the results from our stakeholder survey and build on those ideas together during this happy hour style event.  Come to share your ideas for where YOU want ODN/C to go and enjoy some storytelling about past ODN/C highlights!  We will also be introducing our new board members as well as honoring those rolling off of the board for their service.

    This program will be “happy hour” style.  We will provide appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages and everyone can purchase their own drinks and additional food, if desired.  Please note the shorter program time as this is a special event and not a structured program.

    When?  July 11, 5:30 till 7:30 pm

    Where? Mezcalina, 333 E. Benton Place, #100, Chicago, IL  60601 http://www.mezcalina.com/Home.html

    Costs?  There is no registration fee, but please register in advance so we know how many appetizers to order.  Thanks!

    NOTE:  If you buy your own drinks or additional food, those items will carry a charge.

    For more information, contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C administrator, at 312.730.0014 or admin@odnchicago.org.

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    • August 8, 2019
      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Authority, Power and Control in the Role of Trainer or Organizational Consultant

    Trainers and consultants often react to their own internal anxieties when dealing with different corporate cultures or personalities. Those anxieties are often mirrors of a parallel process of the true dynamics in a company. This interactive and dynamic workshop will allow trainers and consultants to evaluate their own internal responses to authority, power and control.  You will be provided mechanisms to break organizational and personality challenges to resistance. The workshop will focus on effective usage of healthy internalized authority, power and control.

    This workshop is geared to the experienced professional as well as to the recent grad and student. It promises to be engaging, highly useful, and fun.

    About the Presenter — Rick Tivers, LCSW, CGP

    Rick Tivers is a psychotherapist, organizational consultant, executive coach and trainer. He recently retired from teaching both clinical and business psychology classes at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where he was Adjunct Professor of the Year in 2018. He maintains an active psychotherapy and consulting practice in downtown Chicago and Evanston. He consults with executives from the CEO level and beyond, develops training programs to meet the organizational needs of client companies, and  honors and supports each employee’s need for independence and autonomy. His training programs are highly interactive, productive, thought-provoking and fun. As a specialist in both personality and group dynamics, he is highly aware of impact that various personalities have on a group and overall organization. Rick always demonstrates how to nurture and support what could look like the most challenging individuals in an organization. The workshop on Aug 8th will focus on both internal and external dynamics of authority, power and control while you are playing the role of trainer or organizational consultant.

    For more information, contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C administrator, at 312.730.0041 or admin@odnchicago.org.

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    • September 12, 2019
      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    The Role of Change in Mergers and Acquisitions

    Experience an M&A through the lens of change!

    Have you been involved with an acquisition? A divestiture? Have you supported a deal as an OD practitioner or HR Business Partner? No matter how you have experienced a transaction, they can be messy. They are fast paced change efforts that simultaneously create excitement and anxiety for employees; not to mention for the OD and HR professionals supporting them. The lack of a robust change plan can leave companies vulnerable to loss of talent, cultural clashes and ineffective integration planning and implementation. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! Join facilitator, Lynette Buitt, to walk through a simulated acquisition through the lens of a change process.

    Facilitator, Lynette Buitt, MSOD

    Lynette Buitt brings more than a decade’s worth of experience to the ever-expanding field of human resources, focusing on global mergers and acquisitions, change management, and project management for Fortune 500 companies. She has a passion for ensuring employees are engaged, informed and have a seamless experience during times of large systems change such as M&A transitions.  As an owner and consultant for her consulting firm, Buitt Consulting, LLC,  she provides support and partnership on mergers and acquisition transactions and organization development initiatives. She has a Master’s degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University and a Master’s degree in Human Resources from the University of Illinois.

     For more information about this program or the dinner before, please contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C Administrator, at 312.730.0041 or admin@odnchicago.org.

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    • October 10, 2019
      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    How Do We “Sell” OD? Sales Strategies for OD Folks.

    “How do we market OD?” “I don’t know how to explain to people what I do.” “Everyone does OD differently!” “I do OD, but I call it something else.”

    Sound familiar? These are common refrains heard throughout conversations between OD folks. We all know we need to “sell” our OD work, but how do we do that – and in a way that feels natural, not forced? 

    Join us to learn how to apply cutting-edge sales strategies to OD in an interactive program facilitated by Jennifer Hogberg and Kevin Potrzeba of Sales Empowerment Group, a company which teaches other companies how to sell their products. You’ll leave with tools for sharing your ideas based on new sales techniques geared towards emotional engagement and influence. 

    Jennifer and Kevin will be sharing best practices on delivering persuasive presentations – including what not to do. Through creating sample slide decks in small groups, we’ll learn how to leverage thought leadership ideas, research, and best practices from the sales world. We’ll talk about how to get buy-in and engagement from anyone – your client, your boss, your team, your professor! No matter your role in an organization, you’ll be able to use these strategies to get your voice heard and expand the influence of OD.


    Kevin Potrzeba

    Kevin brings over 32 years of software sales management experience to Sales Empowerment Group (SEG).  He is President of SEG.  Prior to SEG, he was an EVP of Channel IQ where he led all sales, account management and business development efforts and grew Channel IQ into the market leading provider of online channel management solutions. After Channel IQ was acquired by MarketTrack, Kevin led the initiative to migrate all of their clients onto their new E-Commerce channel management platform.  Prior to Channel IQ, he was VP of Sales at ISD Corporation,  VP of Worldwide Sales for Interface Software, a leading provider of enterprise CRM solutions (now Lexis Nexis). He also served as the VP of North American Sales for Showcase Corporation and VP of North American sales at SPSS, Inc.

    Jennifer Hogberg

    As a Sales Consultant, coupled with a background in sales training and coaching, Jennifer uses the methodologies and tools from various training platforms and methodologies to mentor, coach, and train sales professionals. Jennifer has familiarity with Miller Heiman, Target Account Selling (TAS), Challenger, SPIN, Corporate Visions, Sandler, and Revenue Storm.   Prior to joining Revenue Storm, Jennifer succeeded in progressive roles at Xerox Corporation.  A graduate of Indiana University, Jennifer holds a Business Degree in Marketing & Advertising and sits on the Executive Committee and Board for the Kelley School of Business Alumni Association.  Additionally, Jennifer currently serves on the Association of Strategic Alliance Professional Board (A.S.A.P.) and the Pillars Community Health Board, which is a board position she has held for the past nine years.  Certifications:  ICF Certified Coach, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Master Sales Coach

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    • Not All Feedback is Created Equal!
      November 14, 2019
      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Not All Feedback is Created Equal!

    Giving and receiving feedback is not as easy as it sounds. Research has shown many managers find giving feedback stressful to the point of avoiding it all together. What’s more concerning is almost half of managers surveyed state they do not give positive reinforcements either! The lack of open and effective feedback does not only cause anxiety in an organization but can diminish performance, morale and innovation. 

    This workshop addresses fears preventing feedback conversations, and teaches a framework for giving effective feedback. Furthermore, the workshop covers techniques to be more receptive to feedback, both positive and constructive, and how to navigate response from feedback to channel your personal development.
    The workshop comes with interactive and fun exercises to drive the message home.

    About Awatif Yahya

    Awatif is the founder of Awe Horizons LLC, an innovative company offering leadership workshops to business managers and entrepreneurs. She helps businesses tap into their local talent and use their skillset to gain competitive advantage.

    Awatif is a Fulbright scholar with 15 years international work experience, 10 of which with a multinational organization, British American Tobacco, where her last role was Head of HR sitting on the executive board. She had worked in London (U.K.), Hamburg (Germany), Algiers (Algeria) and Dubai (U.A.E.)

    Awatif is passionate about organizations that are inspiring, motivating, safe and fun workplaces. She had the privilege to work in such an organization and would like to see more and more organizations take the lead in employee development and engagement.

    Her last role as Head of HR for British American Tobacco taught her the importance of balancing strategic business objectives with employee aspirations. She wants to share her knowledge and experiences to help both companies and their employees reach new horizons where tranquility exists between life and work. This is the mission of her company, Awe Horizons.

    NOTE:  This event is scehduled at OppLoans, 130 E. Randolph Street, Suite 3400, Chicago, 60601.  To enter, you must bring a photo ID and present this at the Security Desk to gain access to the elevators.  Once reaching the 34th floor, you must also check-in at the LoanOpps front desk. Registrations must be complete by midnight, November 13th, so that the Security Desk has your name before you arrive.

    ANOTHER NOTE:  OD Network of Chicago does not offer discount parking vouchers when attending a program event.  If you are seeking parking in the area near the event venue, please consider using Spot Hero or similar apps to find  the least expensive parking.  (And of course, public transit options are usually available and much less expensive.)

    If you have any questions about this program, contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C Administrator, at admin@odnchicago.org or call/text 312.730.0041.

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    • Celebrate 2019!
      December 12, 2019
      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Celebrate 2019!

    Thursday, December 12, 2019 at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    ‘Tis the Season for Giving!

    Join the OD Network of Chicago on December 12th to celebrate a successful year, continue to build your network, and receive OD “gifts!” You’ll walk away from our event with professional connections and two Liberating Structure activities you can bring back to your teams or clients. We’ll also be enjoying holiday fare, including a beer and wine bar.

    Curious about Liberating Structures? Well, they are simple rules that make it easy to include and unleash everyone ‘s thinking in shaping the future! Join members of the Board as they share and facilitate a sample of these alternative approaches for leading meetings and conversations, developed by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless. As organizations and teams, we typically default to five common structures that are either too restrictive or too loose: presentations, managed discussions, status reports, open discussions, and brainstorms. Liberating Structures, on the other hand, are designed to embrace distributed control and include a fairer, larger number of people in shaping the next steps.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to add more tools to your toolkit this holiday season. Ones that are simple to utilize every day!

    We look forward to celebrating another successful year of the OD Network of Chicago with you.

    Christine M. Herrman, Program Chair

    NOTE:  ODN/C does not offer discount parking vouchers near any program or event.  If you are seeking parking, we suggest you use Spot Hero or similar apps to find the least expensive parking available near the venue.

    For more information or for any questions, contact Maggie Shreve, administrator at 312.730.0041 or admin@odnchicago.org.

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    • January 9, 2020
      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Expand Your Influence and Effectiveness through Self-Leadership

    How do you create and sustain powerful connections and relationships with people to effectively influence and partner with them?  Imagine having the ability to create deep engagement in your first meeting with a new client.  Or if you are employed internally at a company as an OD, HR, or L&D professional, imagine accelerating your ability to develop strong relationships that will expand your influence within your company to drive the results you know are possible.  Or if you are in management, imagine you are present with people in a way that draws out the best of who they are, builds trust, creates openness, and inspires them to give their best effort.  Learn and apply a simple framework that will guide you to better decision making in all your relationships, even the most challenging ones.

    Come join us for a highly interactive workshop led by Mark Kinnich to learn new skills that can significantly expand your influence and effectiveness in all of your working relationships.

    About the Presenter

    Mark Kinnich is an executive coach and consultant.  He has served as a Global Subject Matter Expert for Workforce Strategy, Strategy Implementation and Organizational Effectiveness for a global consulting firm. He has practical experience with over 11 years inside global organizations as well as 30 years consulting/coaching experience with small to large consulting organizations.

    Over the past 30 years, Mark has established a track record of success in aligning human resources to meet strategic business objectives and achieve exceptional business results in challenging work environments.  Mark offers practical insights based on a unique combination of broad-based operations and human resources management expertise gained with multi-national corporations, mid-sized businesses, family-owned organizations and in consulting firms.  His work with executive leadership in developing innovative workforce strategies, organizational designs, processes and solutions has driven increased profitability in rapidly changing marketplaces.  He has brought together leadership teams to commit to strategic change and improved strategy execution.  He has coached leaders to successfully take on new assignments, especially when they were required to lead immediate and dramatic change efforts to succeed.

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    • February 13, 2020
      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    The Brain Science of Agile: Practical tools to quickly improve resilience, adaptability, and fearlessness in a rapidly changing world

    A complex world has been destabilizing for the brains of most employees and society at large. The hidden cost is a substantial reduction in productivity, barriers to innovation and adaptability, and much psychological distress and mental health problems. As a result, the jobs of organizational development and human resource leaders has become much more difficult yet much more critical. Because the world is changing so quickly it is essential to have highly adaptable teams and organizations to keep pace and thrive let alone survive. Only brain science can help to systematically and completely reverse the destabilizing effect of chaos.

    The Life Ecology Organization (LEO) program delivers a collection of brain hacks that have been proven to quickly help people become more resilient and then creatively and scientifically fearless. Now chaos represents incredible opportunities for creative joy and purpose. Come to see why!

    Join the OD Network of Chicago on 2/13/20 to learn more about the LEO Program from its founder, Dr. Niraj Nijhawan.

    About the Presenter

    Dr. Niraj (Raj) Nijhawan is a practicing physician. He was raised in Milwaukee, WI, graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1992, and completed a medical residency in Anesthesiology/Critical Care at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
    Dr. Nijhawan received a National Institute of Health Scientist Training Grant where he acquired a Master’s Degree in clinical research, became a clinical scientist, and designed and conducted medical research. He is also a healthcare leader and was recruited to run and build several medical departments in a variety of hospitals and healthcare systems.  Dr.Nijhawan has spent nearly 30 years cataloging, practicing, teaching, and helping people integrate the latest knowledge from the realms of medical, social, and
    neuroscience into their lives.  For more information, visit www.leoprogram.com.

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