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    • March 13, 2014
      8:00 am

    Frustrated that no matter what you try, your change projects fail outright or produce lasting gains? Most changes do fail–as many as 70% fall short of expectations.  As an organizational development professional, your career progress hinges on your ability to lead successful and sustainable change.

    In this program, you’ll get introduced to how to get beyond the buzzwords and leverage a proven formula for change.  The CQ System for Developing Change Intelligence is based on decades of change leadership  in the workplace, years of conducting global research on managing change, and study into the psychology and neuroscience of change.  Through real-life examples you’ll learn how to:

    • Engage the brain, inspire the heart, and motivate the hands to get people moving in positive, new directions so change sticks
    • Diagnose your own Change Intelligence, and appreciate the strengths and blind spots of your Change Leadership Style
    • Develop your CQ to drive change that gets results, recoups your investment, and makes a bottom line difference for your organization, team and career
    • Emerge as a more competent and confident – and less stressed and frustrated – leader of change

    Presenter  –  Barbara A. Trautlein, Ph.D.

    Barbara is author of the best-selling book Change Intelligence:  Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks, principal and founder of Change Catalysts, and originator of the CQ System for Developing Change Intelligent Individuals and Organizations. For over 25 years, Barbara has conducted workshops for thousands of participants, coached many dozens of people from CEOs to union workers, and facilitated over a dozen mission-critical multi-year change management initiatives – achieving bottom-line business and powerful personal results for clients.  She is gifted at sharing strategies and tactics that are accessible, actionable, and immediately applicable.  Her blend of research and real-world expertise makes her an in-demand speaker at conferences in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.  Barbara has a unique ability to connect with her audiences, from C-level executives in Fortune 50 organizations to front line employees, and across industries, from steel mills to sales teams, refineries to retail outlets, and healthcare to high tech.  Clients served include Baxter Healthcare, CareerBuilder, Cisco, Ford Motor Company, the NYPD, and United Airlines.  Barbara holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.

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    • April 10, 2014
      8:00 am

    Organization development values social responsibility and systems thinking, and environmental sustainability is one important aspect of both these values. Come celebrate “Earth Month” and explore the connections among leadership, business viability and environmentalism with help from the insights of business leaders who successfully walk the sustainability talk as well as those of your OD colleagues.

    Our Panel:

    About Interface — a 40+ year old manufacturer and marketer of carpet tile sold into and used by 110 countries, globally.  www.interfaceglobal.com Interface’s network of 4,000+ employees are highly engaged throughout a Gallup Strengths Based Culture and Sustainability Goals to become a Restorative Enterprise.

    Interface’s Values are Guiding Principles


    To be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire industrial world what sustainability is in all its dimensions: People, process, product, place and profits — by 2020 — and in doing so we will become restorative through the power of influence.


    Interface® will become the first name in commercial and institutional interiors worldwide through its commitment to people, process, product, place and profits. We will strive to create an organization wherein all people are accorded unconditional respect and dignity; one that allows each person to continuously learn and develop. We will focus on product (which includes service) through constant emphasis on process quality and engineering, which we will combine with careful attention to our customers’ needs so as always to deliver superior value to our customers, thereby maximizing all stakeholders’ satisfaction. We will honor the places where we do business by endeavoring to become the first name in industrial ecology, a corporation that cherishes nature and restores the environment. Interface will lead by example and validate by results, including profits, leaving the world a better place than when we began, and we will be restorative through the power of our influence in the world.

    Lindsay James       Vice President of Restorative Enterprise Interface

    Lindsay James is the Vice President of Restorative Enterprise for Interface. She is a Certified Biomimicry Professional and serves as the biomimicry expert for Interface, where she expands Interface’s thought leadership and sustainability vision, aligns the company’s initiatives with this vision, and creates opportunities to engage Interface associates in the sustainability journey. She works to integrate biomimicry into Interface’s sustainability vision and actions and discover a path for business to become restorative.

    Lindsay is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, with an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from the Kenan-Flagler Business School. Recently, she completed the Biomimicry Professional Certificate Program, a master’s level educational program facilitated by the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute. She also attended UNC-Chapel Hill for her undergraduate degree, where she completed a BA in both Economics and Biology. Lindsay’s professional experience includes economic consulting with Analysis Group and environmental economics research with RTI International.

    Steve Arbaugh      Vice President Creative Strategy & Planning   Interface Americas

    A veteran of brand strategy, planning & Marketing, Steve currently serves as Vice President Creative Strategy & Planning which includes the oversee of Research & Data, Business Mapping and Creative Team Infrastructure plus Concepting.

    During the past ten years Steve also served as Vice President Brand Marketing, Alignment & Experience for Interface, Bentley Prince Street [Commercial] & FLOR [Consumer] and as Vice President Marketing & Strategic Alliances for FLOR.

    Prior to joining Interface Steve spent five years co-directing Interface’s investor relations, marketing and communications initiatives via an outside agency of record.

    In addition, Steve has approximately 17 years of b2b, b2c and Corporate Social Equity experience leading brand strategy, marketing, communications and licensing as well as sales and business development for Fortune 100-500 Companies. Steve attended the University of Louisville with continued business & marketing studies at CSU.

    Cary Nathenson is the Associate Dean of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, and Summer Session at the University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies. He manages a wide range of non-credit courses and programs, including the Leadership in Sustainability Management (LSM) certificate. Nathenson created the LSM program in 2010 in response to student demand for an accessible and affordable curriculum for prospective sustainability officers. Additionally, Nathenson and his staff oversee the university’s Summer Session, providing college-level courses for students from high school on up.

    Prior to joining the University of Chicago, Nathenson was Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs at Northwestern’s School of Continuing Studies. There, he created and managed a diverse portfolio of master’s level programs, ranging from creative writing to medical informatics. Before he launched his career in higher education administration, Nathenson co-founded The Public Square, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intersections between intellectual work and the general public. The Public Square is now part of the Illinois Humanities Council.

    Nathenson earned his Ph.D. in German literature from Washington University in St. Louis. His master’s (German) and undergraduate (political science) degrees are from the University of Illinois at Urbana. A strong believer in global education, Nathenson has also studied and researched in Vienna and Berlin. Nathenson has held faculty positions at the University of Houston, Northwestern, Duke, and Grinnell College. In addition to his administrative work, he continues to research, publish, and teach in his field of German Studies.

    Susan Camberis is a Talent Management and HR Leader who is passionate about learning and sustainability.  From 1999 to 2013, Susan held various HR roles with Baxter Healthcare, a global, diversified healthcare company headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. Baxter’s commitment to sustainability spans more than three decades.  In her most recent role as Director, Talent Management, Susan served on Baxter’s cross-functional sustainability working group.

    Susan is particularly interested in helping HR and talent leaders build sustainable cultures.  Earlier this year she co-facilitated a leadership development series grounded in Andrew Savitz’s Talent, Transformation, and the Triple Bottom Line (Jossey-Bass, 2013) and recently wrote a related blog post for CSRwire entitled Organizational Design:  How HR Professionals Can Become Effective Sustainability Leaders.  In 2010 Susan led the planning for a HRMAC Interest Group meeting entitled, Sustainability and Going Green: Impacts and Opportunities for HR.  Susan is also very involved with Net Impact, a non-profit whose mission is to empower a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in the workplace and the world.  She is a member of the Chicago Professional Chapter of Net Impact, serves on Net Impact’s Corporate Advisory Council, and is a Lifetime member.


    Susan has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Evansville and a Masters in Human Resources from Loyola University Chicago.  She holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute and a Career and Education Advisor (CEA) certification from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.

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    • May 8, 2014
      8:00 am

    Crowdsourced CoachingSM  engages leaders in a group cohort, either in person or via distance technology, over a period of time for intensive problem solving and shared learning. Join the OD Network of Chicago crowd to personally experience a Crowdsourced Coaching  group meeting, learn how to implement such a group, and hear about successful examples and how the model is evolving.

    The approach is based on a few assumptions including:

    • Needs identification and solution generation are enhanced through group collaboration
    • It is less knowing than doing that is the most challenging aspect of leadership
    • It is not theoretical understanding that leads to change but commitment to action in real time based on experience, feedback, and outcomes in the moment
    • People learn best through relationships and discussions with trusted individuals
    • Accountability and follow-through increases when an individual makes a commitment to one or more other people
    • Shared responsibility for learning and for change increases ownership and outcomes.

    Dr. Jay Colker leads Colker Consulting.  He has over 35 years of experience in executive coaching, leadership and management development, change management, organizational development, and more. He holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, an MBA, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. He combines a core understanding of leadership, business, and psychology in a manner that allows him to effectively work with people from all backgrounds and experiences and to facilitate change from a system’s perspective. Previously Dr. Colker was Chief Learning Officer for a bank holding company. He also has 20 years of progressively responsible clinical roles including P&L responsibility as a hospital department head and a psychotherapist in a private practice. For more information, visit www.crowdsourcedcoaching.com or email Dr. Colker at jaycolker@gmail.com.

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    • June 12, 2014
      8:00 am

    You’re in a matrix, whether you realize it or not and so are many, most and possibly all of your clients. Anyone with multiple bosses is in a matrix. And so is anyone who depends on a variety of resources throughout the organization to get tasks done when these resources report into other people or teams.

    Join Susan Finerty and your colleagues to understand and master the matrix.

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    • July 10, 2014
      8:00 am

    Join us for some provocative questions, affirmatively framed, and inspired by recent studies.

    What if….

    1) … the key to a successful merger and/or acquisition is not the integration of cultures, but the dis-integration of cultures?
    2) … the most important step in a leader’s development is not the training he/she receives, but the nature and quality of the one-on-one dialogues he/she has with others while on the path to leadership?
    3) … the key to successful culture change does not start with individual change? What if it starts with the structure and strategy of the organization?
    4) …the true innovators are not a Steve Jobs, but the people who are able to make a Steve Jobs ideas actually work?
    5) … consensus is what causes collaboration to fail in organizations?

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    • August 14, 2014
      8:00 am

    Stories build relationships and change leaders have a lot of relationships to manage. Change leaders face executives with blind sides, teams stuck in bad habits, cultures falling under their own weight.  Their change stories must engage, brand, and transform.  This workshop will guide change leaders through a “Tell The Story –Coach Through The Story – Live The Story” model based on culture change models,  movie narratives and public speaking tools geared for change leaders. We’ll start with the practice of telling “The Quintessential Change Story.”  This presentation is co-sponsored by the Corporate University Professional Development Network of CCASTD, and is $20 for CCASTD members, as well as ODN/C members.


    Mark Kaufman is an organization development practitioner of 17 years who started as a drama therapist and community theater manager.  He later worked for Marriott International in talent management with his Masters in OD and eventually worked with a playwright to develop change stories and OD interventions for such companies as Bank of America, Duke University, the State of Indiana and Marriott.  He applies Reader’s Theater, Playback Theater, Problem Solving Theater, and Action Methods for role play along with storytelling for executives and change leaders.   He is currently an Executive Coach helping executives and teams brand their company through storytelling, team coaching and culture change projects and events.


    Naomi Berkove has over 15 years experience as an instructional design and learning professional.  She has developed and led learning programs for a range of organizations, including Kraft Foods, the VA, and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  Naomi is currently Learning and Development Manager for Cannon Design, a multi-disciplinary design firm, where she co-leads Cannon Design Academy and helps guide organizational change initiatives.  Naomi has chaired the Corporate University Professional Development Network of the Chicago Chapter of ASTD since its founding in 2003.

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    • September 11, 2014
      8:00 am

    Our worklives are getting more virtual by the minute. On the one hand, this leads to benefits such as  cost-savings on real estate and travel, convenience through, fewer and easier employee commutes, greater reach to more customers, and the ability to create  agile “designer” work teams  across geographical distances. At the same time it requires massive adjustment to our traditional ways of working, calling for new skills on the part of leaders, followers, and those who advise them.

    Come share, learn and practice skills in helping virtual leaders with someone who (literally) wrote the book on virtual leadership.


    About the presenter:

    With nearly 30 years of experience, Kevin Sheridan is an expert in human capital management and one of the most sought-after voices in the world on the topic of employee engagement. He is dedicated to helping organizations build a Magnetic Culture® that attracts and retains top talent. Having consulted for many industry-leading organizations, Kevin prides himself in his many years of hands-on experience that have helped him garner a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities affecting human resources leaders today.

    Kevin is a frequent keynote speaker at national and international conventions, including those hosted by the National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), HRMAC, Chicago SHRM, HRMAC, Harvard Business School, Monster.com, The Human Capital Institute, and the American Hospital Association. He is also a best-selling author of Building a Magnetic Culture, published by McGraw-Hill, and The Virtual Manager, published by Career Press.

    Prior to forming Kevin Sheridan LLC, Kevin founded HR Solutions International in 1995, a firm specializing in measuring employee engagement and teaching best practices, which he sold in 2011. In this role, Kevin pioneered the wonderfully disruptive concept of joint ownership for employee engagement.

    Kevin received a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, concentrating his degree in Managerial Decision-making and Strategy, Human Resources Management, and Organizational Behavior.

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    • October 9, 2014
      8:00 am

    Meetings can be the electric charge your organization needs. How can you prevent them from being a major power outage?

    Ineffective meetings suck the life out of your organization
    They sap energy. They waste time. They kill productivity. They disengage the very people you need to engage. They take opportunities for greatness and turn them into occasions for self-deception.

    With 25 million meetings per day in the US alone and 2/3 of them unproductive, the ripple effect of changing a meeting can reach far beyond the meeting itself.

    It doesn’t have to be this way
    Meetings can become energizing, enjoyable places where concrete plans are made, tasks are accomplished, connections are strengthened, and projects move forward. How can you transform meetings into such productive work experiences? Meetings become time-valued, energy-producing, and productive work experiences when you:

    • Abandon the “let’s get through the agenda” mindset that permeates meeting design
    • Head for the Meeting Canoe™: a proven six-step process that will create a seismic shift in the way you meet
    • Design meetings using the same principles that transformed the factory floor and make video games so engaging: autonomy, meaning, challenge, learning, and feedback

    Fortune 100 media giants, insurance companies, and aerospace leaders use the Meeting Canoe. What could happen if you do ?

    Join Emily and Dick Axelrod of the Axelrod group at the ODN/C meeting October, 9 and find out!
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    • November 13, 2014
      8:00 am

    Community is an important value for us as OD practitioners. But we want to be more than just a fun time. How have YOU used what you’ve learned here in the past, and how will you use it in the future?


    Come learn from those who have learned something from the ODN/C, and share your learnings with others.

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    • December 11, 2014
      8:00 am

    The holidays are about sharing and giving. What are the perfect “gifts” you are looking to “give” to your clients and colleagues in the coming season and the coming year? What do you want for your own future? And what will you offer that will make OD practice better for others?

    Whether you want to reserve a booth to share your wares, commandeer the “stage,” or just wander around and see the sights, there is something for you and yours at the Holiday Bazaar.

    Please bring a holiday-wrapped OD book to participate in the gift exchange–or not!

    Festive food, drinks, and music are included.

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