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  • Peer Coaching | ODN Chicago

    ODN/C Peer Coaching is an opportunity for OD practitioners and those in related fields to engage in a forum to connect with and support each other in making meaningful progress on a “project” that each participant chooses. Each coaching cohort consists of 6-8 participants, 2 of which are “co-conveners” who facilitate group calls, as well as having their own “project.”

    • Platform/Venue – There are 3 group Zoom video conference calls, lasting about 90 to 120 minutes, approximately a month apart over a 3-month period.  Participants are encouraged to connect one-on-one between calls with at least one other cohort member, either by video conference or in person.
    • Time Commitment – The total time commitment is 8 to 14 hours over a 3-month period, depending on how many one-to-one sessions a participant decides to have.
    • Possible Projects – A participant’s “project” can be work-related or personal. The project just needs to be important to the participant. It could even be a meta-project, i.e. “I’ve been feeling stuck. I wonder what my project should be?”
    • Process – In each group call, the co-conveners will offer a couple of generative questions for each participant’s response where they can share their project and receive input from others. Formal coaching experience is not required – just a willingness to listen and to help create a safe, non-judgmental space for all.
    • Benefits/Outcomes – Connection with peers, space for reflection, creative solutions, accountability for progress.

    What previous participants say about the ODN/C peer coaching experience…

    “The collective generosity of spirit, experience, knowledge, and heart that my peer-coaching group extended to me was absolutely fabulous. It made such a positive difference for me knowing I had their support as I worked toward realizing the vision for my project. Still does!”

    “Participating in the peer coaching sessions was like being in an accountability group, yet much more. I had access to the OD consulting skills of the cohort members — great value and worth investing in the relationships.”

    “I found the ODN/C Peer Coaching ‘Expand Your Impact’ experience to be very uplifting. The approach fostered genuine connection between the participants, allowing us to be vulnerable with a group of impressive and open-minded people. It’s a forum for real growth and progress.”

    “Just the simple structure of me talking about my project  and a group of supportive others simply listening without judgment, helped me move toward a much clearer direction. Like looking through a camera where the image is blurry, and then adjusting to bring the image into sharp, crystal clear focus. No less important has been the connections and friendships that I have made through the process. Our 3-month cohort is actually having a reunion dinner soon!”

    This picture was taken in May of 2016, when Edgar Schein had engaged in conversation with our participants about the meaning of helping each other. It precedes the creation of the Peer Coaching program but reflects the philosophy. The picture includes Schein, current board members, and advisors.

    FYI:  For more information, contact the ODN/C administrator at admin@odnchicago.org.