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    ODNC Entrepreneur Membership


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    Sponsoring the OD Network of Chicago brings many benefits to the sponsoring organization, including:

    • Reduced investment of $300 for 12 months versus $500 for larger firms.
    • Two ODNC annual memberships (value of $170).
    • Four email messages per year about your events to our subscriber list of 600 ($400 value)
    • Your materials displayed at four of our program meetings
    • One monthly program workshop per year with educational purpose, not a “hard sell”
    • Potential opportunities to be explored include the following:
      • schedule parallel programs prior to monthly dinner meetings
      • jointly schedule a revenue-shared longer-duration learning event perhaps on a weekend
      • offer a discount for ODNC members to one of your events
      • offer an educational webinar exclusively for ODNC members/subscribers, etc.