Fear and Loathing in Consulting

  • Fear and Loathing in Consulting
    April 11, 2019
    5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Event Phone: 3127300041

Fear and Loathing in Consulting: An Agile Journey to the Heart of the American Dream

The Hunter S. Thompson novel and article series commented on the experiences of those chasing the American Dream in context of the confusion of the post-1960s counter-cultural movement.   This session will focus on the American Dream of “being your own business.”  It will allow for real work on the issues facing OD practitioners aspiring to ply their trade in a period of economic changes, such as the expansion of helping professions (like “agile scrum masters,” “change management,” and “business partners”) and the challenges of the “gig economy.”

This session will focus on external OD consulting work. We will gather multiple points of view on the experiences facing contractors, consultants and entrepreneurs; foster connections among participants who have something to share; and set the stage for continuous growth.  We will use a modified “world café” structure to gather data on challenges and opportunities, and then generate best practices from our assembled knowledge base.  Ultimately, the Board of Directors will use the output from this meeting to generate ideas for how OD Network of Chicago can support independent consultants, from the perspectives of consultants themselves as well as those who hire them.


Deborah Dalzell Murphy, a co-chair of the OD Network of Chicago, will lead us through this experiential exploration.

Deb has spent the last 30 years developing skills, careers, leaders and organizations.  With a master’s degree in education leadership, she focused on adult development and mentoring.  She leads processes which attract, engage, and develop people’s talents, most recently as the head of HR for a manufacturing firm. She uses OD-related tools in large scale organizational changes like divestitures, acquisitions, and changes in leadership, strategy and systems, as well as smaller scale department or dyadic situations. As the process leader for HRD, she served a leadership team that successfully challenged for the Deming Prize for TQM practices.

Currently, Deb is the Director of the Institute for Organizational Psychology of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology,  This group consults to external organizations on leadership development, process improvement and facilitating customer focus groups.  She serves on the OD Network of Chicago  Board of Directors and chairs an interest group for the Human Resources Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC).

For more information:

Contact Maggie Shreve, 312.730.0041 or admin@odnchicago.org for logistics or questions about this event.

Organizational Design Challenge

  • Organizational Design Challenge
    May 9, 2019
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Organizational Design Challenge: A Gamified Experience

A Special Event with Two of Our Sponsors

Engage your playful side and use your organizational design skills in this interactive game experience. Palmer OSG and Human Synergistics invite you to play a game of design to experience the process of going through an organizational re-design. Using an in-depth case study and game board, you’ll work in teams to learn different ways of addressing real-life design challenges. A great opportunity for all levels of organizational designers!

Presenters (ODN/C Sponsors)

Alysun Johns, Director of Culture & Leadership, Human Synergistics

Favorite Game? Yahtzee!

Alysun supports the development of integrated solutions for clients and consulting partners and leads consulting and coaching services for individuals and organizations. Her focus and experience over the years has centered on organizing, planning, developing, and facilitating client projects and workshops throughout the US and globally.

Roxanne Ray, Director of Professional Services, Human Synergistics

Favorite Game? Sequence!

Roxanne has recognized expertise in strategic program development and implementation, leadership development, and organizational/culture change, including a proven ability to work with cross-functional teams to build relationships and credibility across all levels of the organization.


Kiersten Rippeteau, CODP, OD Business Consultant, Palmer OSG

Favorite Game? Ticket to Ride!

Kiersten helps shape organizations into environments where individuals, teams, processes, and goals are all aligned to make great things happen. Her diverse experience allows her to take a holistic approach to organizational challenges, allowing leaders and teams identify root causes and get to opportunities and solutions sooner. Kiersten is a Certified Organization Design Practitioner (CODP) and currently serves on the Organization Design Forum’s board of directors.

NOTE:  This is a special, half-day workshop.  It will include a light breakfast at 8:15 am and lunch at noon.  The program will begin promptly at 9 am and end just before lunch.  For more information about logistics, contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C Administrator, at 312.730.0041 or admin@odnchicago.org.