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    Annual Holiday Party

    • December 9, 2021
      6:00 pm - 8:15 pm

    Annual Holiday Party Hosted by your Board

    Thursday, December 9th, 6pm till 8:15 pm

    Join us Thursday, December 9th, for our annual holiday/end-of-year virtual celebration! Our theme this year will be the North Pole Cafe, a world cafe event to review what we’ve done this year and talk about our 2022 plans for ODN/C.

    Jump into different conversations with other OD professionals to hear emerging concepts and take in unique perspectives. This event is always a fun opportunity to grow your network and learn something new. Don’t miss your chance to soak up the good cheer!

    Hosted by your Board of Directors.

    Let’s hope we can end 2021 without a pandemic into 2022!!

    Leading with Emotional Intelligence

    • February 10, 2022
      6:00 pm - 8:15 pm

    Leading with Emotional Intelligence…


    As a organization development professional, you required excellent skills to get you to where you are now in your professional career. But if you are to progress to the next level in your career or you want to be a more effective leader, what will that require? We now have over 3 decades of research on emotional intelligence (EI). Yale University has its Centre for the Study of EI. Google, Nike, Amazon and Microsoft base their leadership development programs on one specific model of EI. And the World Economic Forum has identified EI as a top employment skill for 2020. And yet, the concept of EI or EQ remains poorly understood by many. What exactly is EI/EQ and why is it so important for professionals who work with organizations? Join David Cory, coach and leadership development specialist, as he shares with you what you need to know.

    Learning Objective #1: Explain what we mean by emotional intelligence and how it can help organization development professionals be better leaders and progress in their careers to the next level

    Learning Objective #2: Describe one of the world’s leading models of emotional intelligence

    Learning Objective #3: Take away 5 Keys for Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies

    The presentation will be virtually through zoom.

    About Our Presenter
    David Cory is a leadership development coach, trainer, and consultant known for his expertise in applying the concept of emotional intelligence to individual and organizational performance improvement. David founded one of the first companies in North America to focus on the development of leadership based on emotional intelligence in 1998. In the course of his work, David has been an invited guest of the Sultan of Brunei, worked under armed guard in Nigeria, been kicked out of a restricted area in Saudi Arabia, chased by an elephant in Zambia, and sang for royalty in Malaysia. David’s company completed the design of a leadership course based on emotional intelligence for the citizens of the Republic of Botswana. Finally, David was a key-note speaker at an international EQ conference at the Harvard Medical School in 2013 and was the closing Key-Note speaker at the Asia HRD Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2016. Clients include the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) and the Treasury Board Secretariat of the federal government of Canada.


    Dialogic OD and Generative Change

    • March 10, 2022
      6:00 pm - 8:15 pm


    Dialogic Organization Development and Generative Change: Helping Leaders Lead Emergent Change…

    Gervase will provide a brief overview to Dialogic Organization Development, and then describe some of his work in helping leaders understand emergent change approaches and help them develop the capacity to lead an emergent, generative change process.  Dialogic Organization Development (OD) is a mindset about leadership and organizational change based on conclusions from three decades of studying successful transformational change. Focusing on the patterns of thinking and organizing that emerge from networks of meaning-making, the intent of Dialogic OD is to promote rapid transformation by disrupting (or working with the current disruption of) current patterns and engaging the right people in conversations that generate new, more useful ideas, meanings and beliefs to better manage complex problems and create more agile, adaptive teams and organizations. It encompasses a variety of methods, from one-on-one coaching to very large group events. The Generative Change Model is the focus of Gervase’s most recent book, The Dynamics of Generative Change, and helps managers and consultants understand how to lead an agile, rapid, transformation effort.

    Learning Objective #1: Why collaboration fails

    Learning Objective #2: The nature of experience and why we don’t learn from our collective experience

    Learning Objective #3: The fundamental quality required of leaders and team members to make it work

    Learning Objective #4: How to use the Experience Cube to help people learn from their experience together

    Learning Objective #5: How sense-making gets in the way

    About Our Presenter

    Gervase (pronounced Jervis) Bushe is the Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser U in Vancouver, Canada.  His career spans four decades of transforming organizational structures, cultures and processes away from command and control toward more collaborative work systems.  He is an award-winning author of over 100 papers and four books on organizational change, leadership, teams and teamwork. Gervase has consulted to blue chip corporations and start-ups, public sector and business corporations, in a variety of sectors. Clear Leadership (2009) has been translated into 7 languages and over 100 certified facilitators have trained tens of thousands of managers in North America, Europe and Asia in his models and methods.  Dialogic Organization Development: The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change, co-edited with Robert Marshak (2015) builds on his ground-breaking research into processes of generative leadership and change, and is transforming the OD discipline. In 2019 he co-founded the Bushe-Marshak Institute for Dialogic OD, which offers online courses and certification in Dialogic OD,  and is the editor of the BMI Series in Dialogic Organization Development. Since 2016 HR Magazine in the UK has identified him as one of the 30 most influential HR Thinkers. In the last ranking he was 12th. A chapter on his life and work appears in the Palgrave Handbook of Organizational Change Thinkers.  For more information and links to his papers go to www.gervasebushe.ca