Experiential Virtual Learning That Sticks!

  • Experiential Virtual Learning
    July 9, 2020
    6:00 pm - 8:15 pm


Experiential Virtual Learning That Sticks!

Join the Organization Development Network of Chicago for our annual meeting plus a new tool for your virtual toolbelt!

It’s July – time for the ODN/C annual meeting! Plus, we have Diane Kubal joining us to present, “Experiential Virtual Learning that Sticks: Keeping Learners Engaged & Motivated in Uncertain Times.”


We’ll spend the first portion of our meeting reviewing our accomplishments over the past year, along with sharing the exciting plans we have for the future. We’ll also be asking for your real-time feedback (confidentially) in a few polls to help us check the pulse of our network to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.


With in-person training at a halt, you are likely wondering how you can convert your classroom training into virtual learning experiences. Organizations must now level-up and offer new and creative ways to engage, train and develop their workforce virtually; a workforce of modern learners that demand personalized learning that is interesting, accessible, and available anywhere, on any device.

Isn’t this just converting existing training into webinars?

No! Experiential virtual learning is different because it doesn’t just deliver knowledge through lecture, videos and written content.  Learners are required to take action by experimenting and applying what they have learned. It’s more effective because it helps establish lasting behavior change. When used in combination with a variety of methods such as gamification and micro-learning, learners stay engaged and motivated. And experiential virtual learning can be applied to all kinds of content and works especially well for “soft skills” training.

Join this session to see a state-of-the art experiential virtual learning approach and how it can be implemented with or without a technology platform!

In this enlightening and interactive session, attendees will:

  • define what experiential virtual learning is
  • review design methods used in experiential virtual learning
  • see a live experiential virtual program on a learning experience platform
  • practice converting classroom content into virtual experiential learning

About Our Presenter:  Diane Kubal

With more than 20 years of experience, Diane Kubal is founder of the Fulcrum Network, a boutique talent agency that helps Learning and Development and Human Resource professionals find top external consultants. A sought-after expert in instructional design, organization development and human resources, she has presented to a number of groups including the Association for Talent Development, International Society for Performance and Improvement, Illinois Psychological Association, and Organization Development Institute of Chicago.

Diane’s work has been featured in leading industry trade journals, including Training Today, Performance Improvement, and several news publications.

Prior to founding her company, Fulcrum Network, Diane was a corporate leader and training specialist with expertise in experiential learning, career development, customer service, and leadership development. She earned her Master of Science degree in Organization Development from Loyola University and Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science from National Louis University.

For more information about this program, contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C Administrator, at admin@odnchicago.org or 312.730.0041 (text or call).


Advertiser’s Secrets

  • August 13, 2020
    6:15 pm - 8:00 pm

Advertiser’s Secrets to Compelling Change Videos

With short attention spans and the need to “break through the clutter,” how can your organizational videos leave your audience remembering your message? Try looking to a field that does this well: advertising. If commercials can get people to purchase items they don’t need, how can you use these marketing secrets to influence employees (and do this without them feeling manipulated)?

In this interactive, game-based session, you’ll learn what makes some ads so compelling they persuade you to buy. You’ll explore the strategic framework to use when creating a video strategy as well as the essential design considerations. Learn to:

  • Explain the video “hooks” to make the content in your learning video memorable.
  • Apply the four characteristics of effectively using visuals to design or evaluate videos.
  • Distinguish when learning videos should and shouldn’t be used.

The interactive session helps OD professionals re-think how to create effective change videos that actually evoke the intended emotion and action by using specific advertiser’s techniques.

About Our Presenter: Danielle Wallace

ODNC_Presenter_August2020_Danielle Wallace large.jpg

Danielle Wallace is the chief learning strategist at Beyond the Sky, a provider of custom learning solutions. Previously, as a marketing executive with Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo, she learned strategic marketing principles which she now applies to learning and development to create compelling breakthrough solutions. Danielle is a sought after speaker at global conferences and her thought leadership is found in numerous industry magazines and publications. Her monthly free infographics and tips can be found at www.beyondthesky.ca


For more information about this online program, contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C’s administrator, at 312.730.0041 (call or text).

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