The OD Business Partner

  • The OD Business Partner
    March 8, 2018
    5:15 pm - 8:45 pm

Program Summary

We will explore a new term — “OD Business Partner” –and provide a method whereby you can observe three (3) experienced OD consultants and their clients work together. These three client-consultant pairs will describe the clients’ needs, methods used and features of their work together. After each of the three iterations you and your small table group will process what you saw and note concepts or methods you might want to use. Each table group will have the opportunity to ask one question of the client-consultant pair. In doing this we will come to a initial definition of the term “OD Business Partner”

Each consultant-client pair works with a framework completely different and distinct from the others. You will watch and listen to them speak of how they work together and hear the benefits of their methods. From this, you will be able to put new tools and techniques into the way you work with others.

NOTE:  This program starts a little earlier and ends a little later than usual.  Of course, if you have to leave earlier than 8:45, that is fine.

Why you should attend:

  • You will see and learn new ways to support your clients regardless of your role in the field of organization development.
  • You will see new ways of working that give you new techniques and methods to expand your effectiveness.
  • You will be able to expand your own development plan to become more creative, more effective in your professional work.

Presenting Client-Consultant Pairs:

Donna Dorsey, Chief Human Resources Officer, Navistar, with Bob Verner, Ph.D., Senior OD Business Partner, Navistar.

Jan Viano, Executive Vice President, First Midwest Bank, with Caryn Guinta, Chief Human Resources Officer, First Midwests Bank, retired.  Guinta is presently principal in her own consulting firm.

Michael Jacoby, Ed.D., CEO, Illinois Association of School Business Officials, with Stephen Treacy, M.S., OD consultant in private practice, Adjunct Faculty, Benedictine University MSMOB Program.

About our organizer/facilitator:  Steve Treacy

Steve Treacy is a leadership coach, organization development consultant and educator. For more than thirty years, he has helped organizations, groups and individuals be more effective and satisfied in their work. Additionally he consults to other OD consultants on intervention strategies and practice management issues. He has served as adjunct faculty in the Master in Organization Behavior and Management  program at Benedictine University since 1989.

For more information about Steve Treacy and Associates, go to

From the Founders to the Future: Part I

  • From founders to the future: Part I
    April 12, 2018
    5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Where is the practice of OD headed?  What did our founders help us understand about OD?  How have those ideas served us in the past?  Will they serve us and our clients in the future?

Today’s workplace is changing faster than ever.  The practice and profession of Organization Development consulting is changing too?  What do we do to ensure we have a positive impact now and into the future?

Julie Benesh, Bruce Mabee and Maggie Shreve attended a three-day event to address these questions last December in Baltimore.  Now they are bringing some of the same processes used there to Chicago.  Join us in April to start an on-going dialogue about the future of OD.  Part I will focus on the founders of our field, how we have used their gifts and knowledge, and what theories we believe we should carry forward to the future.

A panel of experienced practitioners will challenge us with their favorite OD founder before we talk in pairs and quartets about how we have incorporated those founders’ ideas into our current work.  We will add to the list of founders the panel presents, then think about the challenges we believe the OD field is facing today.  The challenges which emerge from our first conversation will form the basis of Part II which is scheduled for May 10, 2018.