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    Building a Lean Organizational Culture

    Prior to adopting Lean principles and practices, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) lacked robust systems for building effective processes, identifying waste, and documenting best practices.  Along with low employee engagement scores and vestiges  of top-down decision-making from previous leadership administrations, AHIMA needed improvement.

    AHIMA adapted major Lean principles and  began seeing immediate results in the delivery of greater stakeholder value. Next AHIMA tackled its organizational culture using Lean principles addressing the “employee lifecycle process” from hire to departure.  This included building the necessary support mechanisms resulting in over two dozen follow-up projects.

    Learn from AHIMA Sr. Director of Executive Operations, Mollie Pillman, and AHIMA Director of Profession Governance, Sheryl Reyes, about how implementing Lean practices and principles enabled this non-profit to get on the road to becoming an employer of choice.

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