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    Collaborative Resistance

    Please join ODN-C speakers, Julie Benesh and James Sibley, as they facilitatean interactive session exploring Collaborative Resistance Resistance is anything but futile; it’s as necessary to constructive and harmonious living as… gravity.

    Resistance is only destructive when it becomes an unconscious habit that polarizes parties and prevents collaboration and synthesis. The key to resisting well is surfacing, respecting, and continually integrating the lessons of resistance into intentional decisions and actions. Experience the positive value and power of resistance in this interactive program!
    About our speakers:
    Julie Benesh, SPHR, will have her PhD on January 15, 2011. She is a former ODN/C Co-Chair and an award-winning fiction writer. As Director of Organization Development at a large academic medical center, her current career interests include mentoring and peer learning in the context of diversity and inclusion. She has a certificate from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in organizational interventions.
    Prior to joining Julie at Rush, James Sibley was AVP of Learning and Development with HSBC-North America. Prior to HSBC, during his twenty-nine years at Allstate Insurance Company he worked in multiple business disciplines – including Human Resource Development, Information Technology and Finance and Planning. James was the Executive Director of a local non – profit community-based organization that provided employment services for teens and young adults. James has a BS in Mathematics, an MBA in Finance and a Gestalt International Organization and Systems Development (IOSD) consultant certification.