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    Competency Modeling

    The science of competencies can sometimes seem quite abstract and puzzling.  Join us for a dynamic conversation demystifying competencies and competency modeling in service of Talent Management. 


    • Why competencies and competency modeling are important
    • How to do it and tailor it to your organization

    Featured Speaker – Business Decision, Inc. (BDI)

    Jim Graber, Ph.D., is an Organizational Psychologist. He specializes in organization talent management and technology. He has worked for more than 100 domestic and international clients. Jim manages the design and development of the focus talent management (TM) software suite. He also co-authored Competency-Based Training Basics (American Society of Training and Development – ASTD, 2010) and Lean but Agile: Rethink Workforce Planning and Gain a True Competitive Edge (American Management Association- AMACOM, 2012).

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