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    Continue to Expand Your Impact

    Experiment with OD Peer Coaching, Part 2.

    It’s your life and your career: what new impact can you have, starting now? This evening offers a foundation to focus your own expanded pursuits.

    Eight people grabbed the ball since the October (2017) Program started this experiment. They have connected and supported each other for three months. What have they done? Where did they get, so far? And how can this boost where you are going next?

    Before you answer for yourself, we’ll hear from the experiment’s participants in a Fishbowl approach. Then, using group peer coaching, it’s your turn tonight:

    What are your own current, real, large-scale possibilities?

    About Our Peer Coaching Leaders:

    Ann Van Eron, Ph.D., MCC, is founder and principal of Potentials, a global coaching and organization development firm with experience coaching leaders and teams all over the world for over twenty-five years.  She is the author of OASIS Conversations: Leading with an Open Mindset to Maximize Potential. She is a certified Master Coach and has a doctorate in Organization Psychology from Columbia University.

    Avaneron@Potentials.com and  www.OASISConversations.com

    Bruce Mabee, M.S., CPLP, is Managing Partner with Milestone Partners, LLC. He consults Fortune 100, government, and non-profits in strategic planning, change and innovation. In 35 years of consulting, Bruce has served 130 organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. He has taught in eight graduate schools and trained over 1000 corporate managers and professionals in strategic consulting. He holds an M.S. in OD, and a B.F.A. in Industrial Design. Bruce’s upcoming book on business innovation offers simple tools for larger impact.

    bmabee@aol.com and www.milestonepartners-llc.com




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