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    Crowdsourced Coaching (sm) for Leadership Development

    Crowdsourced CoachingSM  engages leaders in a group cohort, either in person or via distance technology, over a period of time for intensive problem solving and shared learning. Join the OD Network of Chicago crowd to personally experience a Crowdsourced Coaching  group meeting, learn how to implement such a group, and hear about successful examples and how the model is evolving.

    The approach is based on a few assumptions including:

    • Needs identification and solution generation are enhanced through group collaboration
    • It is less knowing than doing that is the most challenging aspect of leadership
    • It is not theoretical understanding that leads to change but commitment to action in real time based on experience, feedback, and outcomes in the moment
    • People learn best through relationships and discussions with trusted individuals
    • Accountability and follow-through increases when an individual makes a commitment to one or more other people
    • Shared responsibility for learning and for change increases ownership and outcomes.

    Dr. Jay Colker leads Colker Consulting.  He has over 35 years of experience in executive coaching, leadership and management development, change management, organizational development, and more. He holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, an MBA, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. He combines a core understanding of leadership, business, and psychology in a manner that allows him to effectively work with people from all backgrounds and experiences and to facilitate change from a system’s perspective. Previously Dr. Colker was Chief Learning Officer for a bank holding company. He also has 20 years of progressively responsible clinical roles including P&L responsibility as a hospital department head and a psychotherapist in a private practice. For more information, visit www.crowdsourcedcoaching.com or email Dr. Colker at jaycolker@gmail.com.

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