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    Establishing an Innovative Internal L&D/OD Consulting Practice

    You’ve just been appointed as a leader of an OD/L&D functionor been called upon as external or internal consultant to assist a newly appointed leader in assessing and realigning his/her function to better meet the needs of the broader enterprise.

     Where do you start?

     How do you put an approach together to determine what products and services to offer?

    How will you offer these products and services in ways that are relevant, cost effective and helpful?

    How will you engage your employees in this significant change effort?

    How do you create the “organizational space” for innovation?

    How do you determine if you are being successful in your efforts?

    In answering these questions participants will learn principles of organization design and employee empowerment.

    Join us as Michael McGovern shares with us his experiences and lessons learned revitalizing and realigning an OD/L&D practice within the BP/Amoco’s North American Information Technology Department.

    Our approach provides a sequence of situations and questions. Break-out teams will then develop and present their approaches and solutions to the whole group. Large group discussion will follow.

    Mike will then share the actual case-study decisions that were taken, the rationale for those decisions, resulting outcomes and lessons learned.

    Facilitator: Michael McGovern is a seasoned internal and external Organization Development consultant with over 25 years of experience working in the private and public sectors for such companies as Abbott Labs, BP/Amoco and the Chicago Transit Authority. Mike has a Masters in OD from Loyola University of Chicago.

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