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    From Workspace to Playspace

    Employees face increasing pressures to accomplish more with less time and fewer resources. They’re also asked to be more innovative and to increase outcomes. Studies show that engaged employees are more productive and creative…likely to respond positively to the unexpected and unplanned.

    In this highly experiential session, you will learn strategies to transform high-pressure workplaces into playspaces for innovating, learning, and changing. Come to learn how to: Think on your feet Overcome blocks to innovation and change Foster full participation Unleash full potential of new ideas Build an innovation and change-friendly team and workplace

    Pamela Meyer, PhD, is President of Meyer Creativity Associates, Inc., where she works with organizations internationally that want to create dynamic spaces for innovation, learning, and positive change. Meyer is author of Quantum Crea-tivity: Nine Principles to Transform the Way You Work and From Workplace to Play-space: Innovating, Learning and Changing through Dynamic Engagement.

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