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    Let’s Stop Meeting Like This: The “Meeting Canoe”

    Meetings can be the electric charge your organization needs. How can you prevent them from being a major power outage?

    Ineffective meetings suck the life out of your organization
    They sap energy. They waste time. They kill productivity. They disengage the very people you need to engage. They take opportunities for greatness and turn them into occasions for self-deception.

    With 25 million meetings per day in the US alone and 2/3 of them unproductive, the ripple effect of changing a meeting can reach far beyond the meeting itself.

    It doesn’t have to be this way
    Meetings can become energizing, enjoyable places where concrete plans are made, tasks are accomplished, connections are strengthened, and projects move forward. How can you transform meetings into such productive work experiences? Meetings become time-valued, energy-producing, and productive work experiences when you:

    • Abandon the “let’s get through the agenda” mindset that permeates meeting design
    • Head for the Meeting Canoe™: a proven six-step process that will create a seismic shift in the way you meet
    • Design meetings using the same principles that transformed the factory floor and make video games so engaging: autonomy, meaning, challenge, learning, and feedback

    Fortune 100 media giants, insurance companies, and aerospace leaders use the Meeting Canoe. What could happen if you do ?

    Join Emily and Dick Axelrod of the Axelrod group at the ODN/C meeting October, 9 and find out!

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