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  • Neuroleadership: Activating the Inner CEO | ODN Chicago

    Neuroleadership: Activating the Inner CEO

    Leadership. Strategies for growth, development, and change. Economic crises. All challenges that strain the brains of OD professionals and their clients.


    And our brains are, literally, the key to addressing those challenges. Recent research has brought us an explosion of knowledge about the brain. Just a decade ago, accepted dogma told us that at birth we received all the neurons we’d ever have, and our brains would remain unchanged by life’s experiences after a relatively young age. You’ve heard the phrases that reflect this thinking:


    “That’s just the way I am….He’s wired that way….Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”


    Now we know that the brain is neuroplastic.  We can continue to “grow” the brain and its capacity by making new connections or literally growing new neurons across our lifetimes. This is news that you and your clients can use!

    So change your brain and change your life…your potential for leadership… your ability to engage with change. It all starts with you AND your brain. Come join Karen Szymanski and Diane Wilson to get acquainted with your “gray matter” and learn how to begin.

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