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    Not all feedback is created equal!

    • Not All Feedback is Created Equal!
      November 14, 2019
      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Not All Feedback is Created Equal!

    Giving and receiving feedback is not as easy as it sounds. Research has shown many managers find giving feedback stressful to the point of avoiding it all together. What’s more concerning is almost half of managers surveyed state they do not give positive reinforcements either! The lack of open and effective feedback does not only cause anxiety in an organization but can diminish performance, morale and innovation. 

    This workshop addresses fears preventing feedback conversations, and teaches a framework for giving effective feedback. Furthermore, the workshop covers techniques to be more receptive to feedback, both positive and constructive, and how to navigate response from feedback to channel your personal development.
    The workshop comes with interactive and fun exercises to drive the message home.

    About Awatif Yahya

    Awatif is the founder of Awe Horizons LLC, an innovative company offering leadership workshops to business managers and entrepreneurs. She helps businesses tap into their local talent and use their skillset to gain competitive advantage.

    Awatif is a Fulbright scholar with 15 years international work experience, 10 of which with a multinational organization, British American Tobacco, where her last role was Head of HR sitting on the executive board. She had worked in London (U.K.), Hamburg (Germany), Algiers (Algeria) and Dubai (U.A.E.)

    Awatif is passionate about organizations that are inspiring, motivating, safe and fun workplaces. She had the privilege to work in such an organization and would like to see more and more organizations take the lead in employee development and engagement.

    Her last role as Head of HR for British American Tobacco taught her the importance of balancing strategic business objectives with employee aspirations. She wants to share her knowledge and experiences to help both companies and their employees reach new horizons where tranquility exists between life and work. This is the mission of her company, Awe Horizons.

    NOTE:  This event is scehduled at OppLoans, 130 E. Randolph Street, Suite 3400, Chicago, 60601.  To enter, you must bring a photo ID and present this at the Security Desk to gain access to the elevators.  Once reaching the 34th floor, you must also check-in at the LoanOpps front desk. Registrations must be complete by midnight, November 13th, so that the Security Desk has your name before you arrive.

    ANOTHER NOTE:  OD Network of Chicago does not offer discount parking vouchers when attending a program event.  If you are seeking parking in the area near the event venue, please consider using Spot Hero or similar apps to find  the least expensive parking.  (And of course, public transit options are usually available and much less expensive.)

    If you have any questions about this program, contact Maggie Shreve, ODN/C Administrator, at admin@odnchicago.org or call/text 312.730.0041.


    130 E. Randolph Street, Suite 3400, Chicago, Illinois, 60601, United States



    130 E. Randolph Street, Suite 3400

    Chicago, IL 60601

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