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    Innovation is in: Many clients are desperate to create new products and new processes. You can help them find new ways to do that. You can expand your own innovation in ways that the “creative types” may miss – because you know OD!
    Here is an opportunity to link OD with “Design Thinking,” the practical process of innovation that is now very popular in the business world. You will experience this agile method with an OD consultant and degreed Industrial Designer who has practiced both OD and Design Thinking for three decades.
    In fact, you will be building on the work of the national OD Network participants. They will have just contributed to “The Innovation of Innovation” at the ODN annual conference in San Jose (October 5-8).
    You can help the rest of us by sharing what you know and what you believe about innovation; you may learn additional angles — and above all, you can help build what innovation will become.
    So, what innovation you will help create next?


    Bruce Mabee is the OD consultant and designer who is presenting Innovation in San Jose and tonight in Chicago. Bruce is Managing Partner of Milestone Partners, LLC, and a former president of ODN Chicago. His OD practice applies innovation to strategic planning and the leadership of organizational change. Degrees in both OD (George Williams) and Design (University of Illinois at Urbana) helped Bruce integrate these two disciplines over the last 35 years.

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