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    Positive Psychology & OD

    There is an increasing interest in the study of the “positive” aspects of life and the human psyche, as opposed to the “negative” focus that psychology has taken for most of its history.

    What is the power of gratitude and how can it be practiced? How is happiness defined? What is Psychological Capital and how does it increase organizational commitment, job satisfaction, employee well-being, and performance?

    Join a diverse group of people interested in these topics for a lively conversation. We will discuss everything from theory all the way to hands-on practical tools. You will be able to choose from the following topics:

    • Gratitude
    • Happiness
    • Mindfulness
    • Positive leadership
    • Psychological Capital
    • Signature Strengths

    We’ll have several rounds of conversation, so that you can join the discussions that interest you the most. It’s a fascinating subject and we’re excited to explore it with you!

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