Saving the World, Succeeding, Surviving, Sucking Up, and/or Selling Out: Marketing OD

How’s business? Join us as we experience a large-group intervention that will answer that question for those who participate. ODN/C members often discuss marketing informally ,offline, or  during the networking time at our program meetings  but rarely, if ever, as a formal part of the program. At this meeting we will!


Whether we like it or not, we all have some relationship to and responsibility for marketing our profession and our professional services as internal or external practitioners. Some of us are even better at selling than delivering; others aim for a stable market of one whom we never need to actively persuade; most of us fall somewhere in between.


Together we compete, collaborate, and cooperate; we seek referrals and referral sources; we sub-contract and outsource, all the time wondering if we are missing some crucial “something” that others possess.Sometimes we may worry that a few may be giving our beloved profession a bad name and hurting the rest of us.


This is a unique opportunity to observe and participate as our system and community reveals itself to itself as we collaborate to make the market “pie” bigger, along with our influence.

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