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    Teambuilding 2.0

    The words “team-building” may, (or may not) make us say bah-hum-bug, but the importance of social systems to effective workplaces will never go away. We asked for and got a menu of new activities to try that have worked for you recently as participant or facilitator, cutting edge team techniques, oldies but goodies, and stuff of special interest to jaded practitioners, aging hippies, newbies, continuous learners (or all of the above)!

    Join Julie Benesh, Laura Braeunig, MaCarolyn Brown, Maurie Coleman, John Cooper, Steve Garrett, Kortney Peagram, and James Sibley, doing peer-coaching, getting acquainted, retention-building “stay” interviews, problem-solving, communications skills, team leader diagnosis and more.

    This holiday- appropriate theme has something for everyone: you can be a resource, be a participant, or hang back and watch.

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