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    When “Hate Happens” Help for the Helpers



    These days, civil discourse seems like an ancient, unattainable virtue and divisiveness seems the tactic of leaders at the highest levels.  It can be hard to remember the people who have taken up the challenge to build diverse, equitable, inclusive and safe environments for people to learn, earn , and create.

    Last week, there was an anti-queer protest of outsiders held on the  campus of the University of Louisville.  While the university clearly communicated that their message was deplorable,  there are still students affected personally by the hate speech.  One student noted on social media  “Y’all don’t understand how jarring it was to come on campus and see this!”

    Faculty still need to create a safe learning environment for students and HR and other leaders still need create a safe and productive climate for workers.    When you are not a member of the targeted community, we may not feel equipped to respond.

    Join the conversation with a panel of “helping professionals” and hear how they reacted, what they recommend for peers on how to react when provocative news or events occur.

    Register for this MS Teams Meeting  for a nominal fee.  Proceeds will be donated to an agency of the panelists choosing.

    October 25, 2023

    2:00 pm Central Time  / 3:00 Eastern Time

    Generous Panelists:


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