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  • When Team Building goes Wrong: Avoiding Team Building Mistakes | ODN Chicago

    When Team Building goes Wrong: Avoiding Team Building Mistakes

    Discussions about team building usually do not include considerations of the potential risks. There is a common assumption that somehow the team will be better off after the team building activities than before. However, this may not always be the case.  In this session we will explore the following questions:

    1. How might a team be worse off after team building activities than before?
    2. What are some conditions or elements that may cause a poor outcome?
    3. What are some consulting practices in the contracting, design, and delivery of team building that can minimize risks?


    John Cooper will facilitate  us in an interactive session to explore these issues.  We will identify success factors, landmines, and strategies for both internal and external consultants in contracting, designing, and delivering team building activities to leaders.


    John Cooper, MSOD, PCC, has been consulting and coaching to leaders and teams since 1998. His experience includes line management, internal consulting and training management. He is a past president of ODN Chicago and has served as a Board Advisor for the past ten years.  His education includes a Masters in OD and Coaching Training at the International Gestalt Coaching Program. His practice areas include Executive Coaching, Team Performance, Organization Design, and Strategic Planning.  He also teaches Leadership and Strategic Thinking at Northwestern University.


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