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    Why Choose You?

    Picture this: Your client quickly spots and appreciates your value. They choose you and your approach to organization development. Why?  Your clients recognize your relevant, high value because you have shared why you’re important.  You can’t leave your importance and its value up to them…it’s up to you!

    What to expect from this interactive workshop:

    • Learn how to guide your client or audience through their decision-making process to choose you.
    • Help your audience quickly spot your relevance and high value. Craft your own 160-character personal brand (Yes, the maximum length of a Tweet).

    About Kyle Vlasak

    With a career spanning Advertising (Leo Burnett), Marketing (Dean Witter/SPS), Sales Leadership, and Search Candidate Coaching, Kyle Vlasak recognizes a key “stumble” shared by many professionals:  they don’t know how to self themselves!  Described as “an energized student and coach of selling,” Kyle proves that selling and buying processes can inspire high-performing sales teams, job search candidates, and individual professionals seeking to close the deal.

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